Finding the Right Commercial Space in Virginia Beach

When seeking a new location for a business in Virginia Beach, Virginia, there are many things to consider while looking at the available options. Finding something affordable is one of the first things that people use to narrow down the choices, but it is not the only factor that impacts choice. Location, size, zoning, existing amenities and what other businesses are in the neighborhood should also affect the decision of which Virginia Beach commercial real estate property to choose.

One of the most critical elements to finding new Virginia Beach office space is location. The company’s proximity to its potential client base will likely make the difference between a struggling company and a successful business. Proximity to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront may be imperative to a company targeting visitors and vacationers. One geared towards professional locals may want to avoid that area and focus more on a downtown location near the Pembroke section of the city. Those seeking a central location to the entire Hampton Roads area should consider something closer to the interstate, or Chesapeake and Norfolk borders.

Depending on the type of business involved, zoning is a critical factor for Virginia Beach businesses. The use of the property must match its current zoning designation or the entrepreneur must petition the City’s zoning board to have it changed. The zoning restricts what the property can be used for, whether it is residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural or any number of sub-categories. It is easier to use a property for its current planned use than it is to get it officially changed. Not only is it less expensive, but dealing with zoning board hearings and decisions can be a lengthy ordeal that may not turn out in the petitioner’s favor.

Ideally, a new commercial space is already set up to handle all of the needs for the incoming business. In reality, however, the extra things that make the business efficient and functional will likely need to be built or added on to the existing space. This includes features such as a kitchen, special lighting, advanced electrical circuitry, a separate reception area or security considerations. The fewer changes that need to be made to the Virginia Beach commercial property, the less expensive, more convenient and faster it will be to move in to the space. Some changes or additions may also need building permits for special construction.

Businesses moving in to new space may be influenced by the existing companies in the area. Having neighbors that do not have similar niches is one factor to consider. There is seldom need to create instant competition by changing or adding a location. For example, a personal injury law firm may not wish to move into the same building as another personal injury lawyer. It is also important to check out the area during regular hours of operation and after-hours. The clientele of the existing neighbors may be detrimental to the safety and happiness of the potential buyer and/or its clients.

When looking for a new business location, be sure to overestimate the amount of space needed. Include storage areas, room for additional employees or product space down the road. This will prevent the need to change locations again in the near future. Consider addition or removal of walls and how the new space should be different from the present set-up.

Why Curb Appeal Matters for Commercial Spaces

You own or manage commercial space that doesn’t welcome customers or clients, so does it really matter what the exterior looks like? The easy answer is yes-even if you’re not actively looking to fill a vacant office. The importance of flower and shrub care, lawn maintenance and keeping things green is to keep the value of the property at its peak year-round. Plus, you never know when your tenants might be shopping around for a better space.

Landscaping and maintenance is a big job that you can’t do yourself and shouldn’t be put on the back burner. There are many benefits to keeping up appearances, even in commercial spaces where the “only” people who see it are your tenants and their employees. It’s because of these tenants that your bills are getting paid and (hopefully) you’re enjoying a tidy profit. Before you skip the monthly landscaping or decrease how often the grounds are mowed, keep in mind:

  1. You’re Not the Only Commercial Space: Unless you’ve locked your tenants into a long and iron-clad lease agreement, they could always be looking for something better. This is a relationship just like any other. If you don’t hold up your end of the bargain and “let yourself go,” your competition will be happy to pick up the pieces-and your tenants.
  2. Property Value Always Matters: You’re not a fighter who only needs to be at their best right before the next match. It’s in your best interest to keep property values high, since it improves the entire neighborhood. Take pride in your property, and that will shine and spread throughout the area.
  3. It’s Up to You to Validate Rent Hikes: Want (or need) to charge higher rent once a lease comes due or the year has ended? Your tenants don’t have to agree to the price hike and might start looking elsewhere. However, if you offer up beautiful grounds that make people happy to come into work every day, they might find the increase reasonable.
  4. Environment Impacts Moods: People are naturally happier in beautiful environments, and this can lead to a butterfly effect in your favor. Nobody wants unhappy, moody and unproductive tenants, but that’s exactly what you might be signing up for when you don’t keep up with ground maintenance. An unhappy tenant is more likely to complain, less likely to pay rent on time and is generally more prone to being a thorn in your side.
  5. Be a Good Neighbor: Where ever your commercial building is, it’s part of a neighborhood. You know what happens in a residential neighborhood when homeowners start letting their yards become uncared for. One way to give to your community is to make sure your external appearance shines brightly and contributes to thee “look” of the area in a positive way.

Significant Factors In Choosing The Perfect Commercial Space For Lease

It is important to find a right space if you are planning to start a new business or trying to re-locate your current business address. In case you are planning to establish your business, there are several factors that need to be considered.

The first and the most important factor that need to be decided is that whether you would like to buy a new commercial space or take one on the lease. This depends largely on the amount of investment you are willing to make in order to start a new business or promote an already established one. However, most business owners find it far more convenient to take an office space for rent, rather than spend a lump sum amount on purchasing one. Once you decide on taking a commercial space for lease, there are certain aspects that you need to keep in mind.

  • The location of your office space is the most important thing influencing the success or failure of our business. You should always choose a location that has excellent public transport facilities, helping your employee and target customers reach the office with ease. It would be highly beneficial for your business if it is located near the airport. That makes business travels easy for you and your employees, and also enables your overseas clients to reach you conveniently. It should also preferably be located in a proper office area, to provide your business with a prestigious office address.
  • Budget and expenses are a significant aspect that demands attention and consideration. You should never choose an office space that would exceed your budget limits. It is never a wise idea to spend a large part of your money in renting a space when there are several other aspects related to the success of your business that might turn out to be expensive as well.
  • It is important that the office building is provided with sufficient parking spaces for your clients and employees. This is an important aspect that must be kept in mind while choosing the right commercial space for lease.
  • You should also consider the architecture and the interior of the office building before selecting one. Though it is not directly connected to your business in any way, it is definitely an effective way to motivate your employees to work better. A well-decorated work environment surely adds to the level of efficiency in the workers.
  • Check if all the rooms like the meeting room, conference room, executive room and others are fully equipped with internet connection and phone connections.
  • Before you choose the right commercial space for your business, consider the size of the space. In case you need a small space for your office, spending a great deal of money on a large space doesn’t actually make any sense. On the other hand, even if you don’t need a spacious office right now, but have plans of expanding your business in the near future, it is wise to invest in an office having a lot of space.