Florida Commercial Real Estate – The Advantages of Leasing a Commercial Space

Numerous entrepreneurs often face the question of whether to lease or to purchase a commercial space for their business. This dilemma is undoubtedly common even in a thriving industry such as Florida commercial real estate.

If you choose to seek professional opinion on this mater, a realtor will perhaps say that it essentially depends on your specific situation. Although the truth is, when it comes to this vital business decision, there really isn’t any one-size-fits-all answer. Needless to say, if you don’t have an adequate amount of financial resources to purchase a Florida commercial real estate property, then choosing becomes a lot simpler.

Nevertheless, leasing a commercial space may still be the smartest choice among all your options. According to statistics, the majority of new company owners start off with a lease contract for their office space as opposed to an outright commercial property purchase. In addition to that, a good number of business consultants recommend renting your workspace until your business begins operating smoothly.

To help you make a decision on whether to rent or buy a Florida commercial real estate property, try to find out the advantages of leasing a commercial space. Here are some of the perks you’d most probably get from a rental property.

A Smaller Number Of Obligations

The landlord of the commercial real estate property is the person responsible for security, maintenance, remodeling, and other property management issues. You, on the other hand, will basically hold fewer responsibilities concerning the commercial space thereby giving you more time on your hands to focus on your business.


One clear benefit of leasing a commercial real estate property is the flexibility it affords. Once the lease is up, you can simply move to another commercial space that is better suited for your business, as well as your budget.

No Mortgage Payments

Liberty from a substantial mortgage loan enables you to free up ready money and allocate it wherever it is considered necessary. This plus side is particularly advantageous to novice business owners.

Tax Credits

Although the landlord usually receives the tax credit, a fraction of the benefit can still be passed on to the lessee of the Florida commercial real estate property in the form of a lower lease payment.

Less Tax Formalities

If you choose to lease a commercial space for your company, your income tax return will surely be easier to file as compared with the mountain of forms that building proprietors must typically fill out.

Negotiable Rates

Since the Florida commercial real estate market features a wide array of selections to choose from, it is certainly possible to negotiate your way to a discounted lease price.

No Down Payment

Buyers typically have to shell out a down payment of around 20 to 25 percent of the total price. However, if you opt to lease a Florida commercial real estate property, you’re only expected to pay at least one- or two-months worth of lease prior to moving in. This aspect of renting an office space can be a real blessing especially for cash-strapped entrepreneurs.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Space for Your Business

Starting your own business involves a lot of important aspects that you need to consider thoroughly for it to be successful and one of them is choosing the right commercial space. The home of your business is the one of the main components that could spell the difference between earning a good profit and losing a lot of money. Do not let your hard earned money and your ideas go to waste by choosing the best commercial space you can get for your business. Here are some valuable tips that you need to consider in choosing one:

Location – This is the first thing that you have to consider. You need to find a strategic location to put your business in. There is not same ideal location for different types of businesses so think about the products or services you offer before you choose a location. If your business is fast food, then an ideal location would be one near offices, schools, or any places where there are many people. If you have a car wash business, it would be great to put your business somewhere along the road. Whatever your products or services may be, location plays a big part in making your business a success.

Renting or Buying – Consider if it would be more beneficial for you to rent a commercial space rather than owning one or vice versa. If you are trying out a certain area, if you do not have much time, or if you do not have much money to spare yet, it would be best to rent or lease a commercial space. On the other hand, if you want it long-term and you have the budget for it, owning a commercial space could save you a lot of money in the end.

Space – Of course it would be ideal to choose one that has large space but that would also depend on your budget. What you would need to do is to make the most of your budget. Mostly you would need a huge space for storage of your products but if you do not need a stock room or something similar, you can go for smaller commercial spaces for you to save money. Just make sure that the space is not too crowded as you, your employees, and your clients may get uncomfortable. Choosing a space that is too big could also be a problem since you may find it hard to maintain it.

Surroundings – You also need to take into consideration your surroundings. Even though your space is clean and well-designed, potential clients may get turned off if the overall location is not good. It would be best that the commercial space you pick also belongs in a good location, that surrounding establishments are also clean and has good overall appearance.

These may be basic aspects you need to consider when getting a commercial space for your business but you cannot afford to take them for granted. Do not underestimate the role a commercial space plays in making your business successful. Keep in mind all these simple tips for a good start.

Demand for Commercial Space in India

The boom in real estate sector of India can be broadly categorized into two broad segments i.e demand for commercial properties and demand for residential properties. The demand for commercial properties in India has been increasing with the opening up of the economy.

The developed cities in India have been the investment destination for big multinational companies. The companies from almost all the sectors lead by software and IT-enabled companies have been expanding their operations in India. Most of the big names in the IT and BPO industry have established themselves here. This development has created a huge demand for commercial properties. Companies look for space to set-up their corporate office and there is heavy demand for properties with good infrastructure, connectivity and a real value for money.

There is an all round development happening in India. The increase of business has propelled the development of more and more commercial properties in India. To meet the requirements government is also promoting the development of hotels, airports and other infrastructures. A lot of special economic zones and industrial properties are being approved and developed to promote business in remote regions.

Another aspect of this increasing demand for commercial properties in the metro cities is the strict regulations by the government to stop all commercial activities in the residential areas. The commercial or business activities should only be carried in the commercially approved spaces so that the life in the residential areas is not disturbed. Hence, the demand for commercial space India has gone up remarkably.

The prices of the commercial properties are also touching sky due to shortage of quality space. There are huge business towers and commercial spaces created by the reputed builders like DLF and Unitech. These properties are as per the international standards and offer all kinds of facilities as required by the big clients. Although India has been successful in meeting the requirements of the clients, still there is a long way to go. The economy is expanding and big players of the corporate world are going to set up their operations. For example the retail sector is poised for a huge growth in Real Estate India and this has already created a competition amongst the companies to acquire the best possible commercial space to market their products.